About SDDT


Our main focus at Scandinavian Distribution is innovation, production and distribution.

Our know-how and vast experience comes from many years in the business – and we know our marked like the back of our hand. In the headquarters located in Denmark we hatch the new ideas and products to introduce into our own portfolio. The short distance from idea to finished product is entirely without its equal. We can contribute this to our own dedicated partners in China. They ensure a constant presence and an invaluable network that combine to make the impossible possible.

In Denmark we stock and manage the logistics, and deliver goods to a huge number of retailers. Over time this has grown to total millions of products delivered.

The thousands of deliveries has all had four things in common. All have taken place at the agreed time, quantity, quality and price.

Call it competitiveness. We take pride in this fact – and what we are known for.

Or in other words: We just do what need to be done – because we can!